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Diego is a Podolica bull, born in 2017.

Diego is Piero's best friend, his right hand!
Diego and Piero were born just a few days apart and grew up together.
They're the two biggest bulls of the herd, but they never fight each other... on the contrary, they help each other during the occasional "arguments" that happen within the group.

Diego is one of the leaders, at the absolute top of the hierarchy pyramid, but he's extremely peaceful both with humans and with other animals, although... he never says no to a random bar brawl with the other members of the Bachelors Crew.
He has a well-established "friendly rivalry" with Er Piotta... let's say they have to put on a show sometimes!

With his blond bangs and his sweet eyes, Diego is easy to fall in love with, and he's very delicate when moving around humans, despite his size: we think he's aware of how truly huge he is and that he has two large and pointy weapons on his head... he knows we're small and fragile ants compared to him!

Diego is also Lucia's brother, and Mondella's uncle.

Diego was recently neutered, so he will be able to keep living with the herd he was born in, with his family and friends, in the Animal Shelter project we're working on!

Diego is looking for long-distance adoption!
Feeding his majestic mouth for a month costs 150€.

Long-distance adoptions are a continuative commitment : by filling out the form opened by clicking on the button below you will authorize a recurring monthly donation.
However, you will of course be free to interrupt the long-distance adoption any moment!


150€ / MONTH

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