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I was a farmer
I was a prisoner
Now I'm a Vegan volunteer at the farm sanctuary @leimprontedelbosco and I live together with the 350 guests of the sanctuary.

Hi! I'm Picquit...
and this is my story

I was born in 1977 and saw my father die in 1994...
I went to architecture school and worked in real estate for about ten years, but then...

In 2007 I bought a farm and started working with animals: goats, sheep, horses, cows, pigs...

Working with animals every day changed me, and being around them made me feel good.
But really everything in my life was about to change...

One day ... that day, I was arrested.

Loaded on a truck, tied up, handcuffed, transported to an unknown place without me knowing where they were taking me!
A place where I became a number, locked up in a small cell, unable to go out, with no knowledge of my future.

In those moments I was like all those animals loaded up on transport trucks... with one single speck of luck:
I did not go towards death!

After a few weeks I had the chance to use a phone and talk to my beloved Alessandra...
I told her: save the animals. All of them.
Since that day, I changed my whole life and a non-profit organization was founded to protect the animals.
A sanctuary was born!

Now I am back and I volunteer at the farm sanctuary. 

I am now vegan and can be close all the animals that live with us: the goats, the sheep, the dogs, the cats, the horses, the pigs and above all... the cows!

They are my life... they are my family!

Second only to Alessandra, who is now my wife...
and it is only thanks to her that all of this happened!


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